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Is certified with global quality and safety certifications.

Following the highest standard of the traditional tea-making procedure with state-of-the-art tea processing equipment.



At Chatime we are committed to the highest standard of quality in every element of our business. We’re committed to ensuring the freshness and flavour of every drink we make, and pair this with a commitment to operational standards that are unmatched in our industry. Our promise of quality means that we’re serving our customers the best tea based drinks in the world.


At Chatime we are relentless in our pursuit of creating the ultimate experience in freshly brewed tea drinks. This drive pushes us to innovate in every aspect of how we deliver our products and service, and ensures that we always resonate with our customers and are relevant to their ever evolving needs.

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At Chatime we are positive, full of personality, genuine, and ultimately exist to give our customers a fun flavour experience. Fun will be ‘lived out’ in our dealings with all internal and external stakeholders, including; customers, staff, suppliers and contractors.

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